Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ecuadorian Christmas Baggies - A beloved tradition

In Ecuador, during the weeks leading to Christmas, the commerce of biscuits, chocolates, cookies, candies, lollipops, among other sugary goodies, increases drastically.

The homes, offices and educational institutions all begin buying candy and goodies for treats.

At local candy stores people come in to search of the best deals for arming their Christmas baggies.

The sales, mainly of animal crackers and chocolates, increase and the shoppers buy the treats in weight by pounds.

The most popular treats are the chocolates and biscuits but each year people will innovate their Christmas baggies.

There are also ready-made baggies sold, with candies, chocolates and cookies for those who do not want to prepare their own baggies.

The baggies are a popular gift, not just for children but for coworkers, employees, family and friends.

The really lucky ones will get various bags to enjoy during the Holiday times.

The candy and cookies are a delight to everyone, no matter the age.

It is a reminder of the childhood and the treats received before and enjoyed together with family and friends.

A beloved tradition for everyone, everywhere in Ecuador.

How to get ready

We prepare the Christmas baggies together with my son at our house.

It is a wonderful time for both of us, a time to prepare for the Holidays, listen to Christmas Carols and enjoy each other’s company.

He usually brings a friend or two to help and of course they take a baggie home as a prize for the work done.

Besides the Christmas music I prepare the Christmas spirit with Canelazos or Finnish Glögi (mulled wine) that go perfectly with the cookies, candies and chocolates.

For making the Christmas baggies, you’ll need pretty Christmas themed bags.

You can either buy them or make your own.

You will also need candies, cookies and chocolates, preferably individually wrapped.

How to prepare a perfect Christmas baggie

The secret of the perfect Christmas baggies is to have one third of varied cookies, so there is enough of them but not too much.

A Christmas bag with too much cookies is seen cheap but when there are too little cookies, people aren’t happy either.

Another third is candies of different kind, with some gummy drops or chewing gum for the smaller kids.

The last third is for chocolate, and there needs to be different kinds and flavors also.

Don’t fill the baggie with just one kind of cookies, candies and chocolate.

The Christmas baggies should always be a surprise, and the surprises shouldn’t end before the baggie ends.


  1. How cool! Its kind of like an American Easter basket full of goodies. What a lovely tradition!

  2. That's neat. Is there a specific day that baggies are exchanged or does it happen any time during the holiday season?

    1. School's usually give them at their Christmas programs but there is no specific date to do that. Different companies also have days when they give their Christmas baggies to their employees. There are also programs that the municipalities and different foundations do and where they donate Christmas baggies to underpriviledged children. Usually it's around the 20th. And like I said, if you are lucky, you'll get various baggies. One from school, another one from the municipality, one from your parents' workplace, another from relatives...

  3. That looks like the perfect way to celebrate Christmas! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

  4. This is so nice.. a beautiful tradition, Children love candies and cookies. They are perfect for holidays.

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