Saturday, April 4, 2020

A Poem For Guayaquil

Remember that social distancing and staying at home safe is a priviledge that not everybody have. I hope that the children will have happy and safe memories of this cuaranteen but it is not possible for everyone.

A Poem For Guayaquil

Do you remember that winter (rainy season), mami?
When the people died on the streets?
And their bodies remained there for days,
And we had to burn gabage because the stink was so strong.
Do you remember that winter, mami?
When abuela died and we couldn't bury her?
And we had to abandon her body on the street
and let the rats eat her while we waited.

Do you remember that winter, mami?
When you and papi couldn't work,
And we didn't have anything to eat,
And the soldiers beat up my brother for going out.

Do you rmember that winter, mami?
I hope it never returns,
And we can finally be safe,
And people will stop dying.

Joanna Sormunen


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  2. IT made me remember that terrible wimter😔😔

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  5. Why is Guayaquil famous?
    What does Guayaquil mean in English?
    Which country is Guayaquil located?
    Is Guayaquil in Peru?