Monday, September 1, 2014

How to make Ecuadorian Pinchos or Kebabs

Everybody loves pinchos, or kebabs, in Ecuador.

They are one of the favorite street foods that you can find in every corner.

There are even different names for them, depending on what part of the country you are.

The people at the Andes call them pinchos and the people living at the Pacific Coast recognized them by chuzos.

Whatever they are called, they are always bound to be delicious.

You can find palos de pincho, or pincho sticks, at every supermarket in Ecuador and they are also used as crafts material.

There is a bit of difference between what you put in a pincho, or chuzo, depending on the part of the country you are from.

But the most common form of pincho (not necessarily of chuzo) is chorizo/sausage pincho with potatoe and plantain banana.

People also make pinchos of mean, replacing the or adding to the chorizo, and from chicken.

But chorizo pincho is the easiest and fastest one.

Chorizo Pincho

2 chorizo links

1 red pepper

½ medium onion

6 small potatoes

2 big yellow plantain bananas (not too yellow)

1 teaspoon of vegetable oil

1 scallion

6 skewers

1. Chop the pepper and onion but keep the slices big.
2. Cut the plantain bananas in six even parts.
3. Skew the banana, then the pepper, the chorizo, the onion and at last the potato.
4. Put them in the grill.
5. Cut a third of the white end of the scallion into strips.
6. Use the scallion strips to get oil to the pinchos.
7. Grill on the both sides.



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