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Spondylus Route at the Ecuador's Pacific Coast

Spondylus Route at the Ecuador's Pacific Coast was formerly known as the Ruta del Sol or Route of the Sun.

It is the road that borders the Pacific Ocean from northern Peru to northern Ecuador.

The route has countless attractions and multiple beaches.

The name of the route comes from the spondylus seashell, or red spiny oyster, that was very important for pre-Columbian cultures of Ecuador and even used as currency.

What Spondylus Route has to offer

The small towns with hotels, restaurants, museums and other attractions, together with bigger towns and gorgeous beaches sprinkled throughout the route make it irresistible and a must for a traveler.

There are possibilities and facilities aquatic sports like surfing, snorkeling, fishing and scuba diving among others.

Other attractions included paragliding, horseback riding, local cuisine and culture, the wonderful sunny weather and friendly people.

Every town has its distinct way of life, culture, and culinary riches.

The beaches, food and opportunities for relax and partying varies from town to town.

History of Spondylus Route

The Spondylus Route on the coast of Ecuador displays the cultures that thrived from 8000 BC. 

Some of these cultures as Bahia and Manteña were among the most experienced sailors.

They were known as the "Phoenicians of the Americas" and aboard of their wooden boats of the Ecuadorian balsa traveled all the way from Mexico to the north and to the southern Chile.

One of the most important objects of the trade was the sacred "the Spondylus shell". 

It was also known as "Mullu" in Quechua (native language of the Incas).

The shell was one of the most sacred and sought out items in ancient times.

It was marketed and highly valued by the chiefdom of Ecuadorian and Peruvian Andes.

The shells or their remains have been found in almost all major archeological discoveries of the west coast of South America, such as the tomb of the Lord of Sipan in northern Peru.

In the small town of Valdivia is a museum that is dedicated to the different cultures that habited the Ecuadorian Pacific Coast.

Where to go

The beaches and towns stretch from Huaquillas at the El Oro Province in the Peruvian border till San Lorenzo in Esmeraldas Province right next to Colombia.

The Spondylus Route runs through a total of five provinces, all with different kinds of culture, traditions, nature, cuisine, animals, attractions, and beaches.

Montañita is the party central and the capital of surf, popular with both national and international tourists.

Los Frailes beach located in the Machalilla Natural Park is famous for its beauty and a quiet place to enjoy the sun, sand and water together with the nature.

Salinas, la Ciudad Blanca, or the white city has five-star accommodations and all the luxuries a demanding tourist might want, including shopping opportunities.

Puerto Lopez is famous for the opportunity to go whale watching and also for the fun loving lifestyle that has attracted many international tourists.

Playas has the charm of an old time balneary and there are opportunities to go dolphin and bird watching in the mangroves from the nearby town of El Morro.

There are numerous small towns with quiet and slow rhythm of life.

And other bigger ones bustling with tourists, music, and fun.

If you are planning a vacation keep Ecuador's Spondylus Route in your mind.

Spondylus Route is sure to offer something special for everyone!

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