Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Ayangue Beach - A Place To Enjoy

Ayangue is a small coastal town in the Ecuador's Spondylus Route.

It is a small fishing village, located on a horseshoe shaped bay.

Ayangue Beach is known for its clear, warm waters, pristine coral reefs, and the charm of a small town.

It is an excellent place for diving enthusiasts.

Ayangue Beach

Ayangue is a beach of calm waters whose main activity is the recreational and artisanal fisheries.

The beach covers 3100 meters of the Ecuadorian coast, boasts lush and attractive scenery, warm waters, and soft sand.

Ayangue Beach is a great place for those who practice underwater sports.

It is ideal for those looking astonished by the diversity of species that populate its depths below.

Because of this the Ayangue Beach is known as "pool of Pacific”.

The mountains around it interrupt the sea and the waters form a kind of a natural pool.

People come here to enjoy the sun and the beach.

Diving and underwater sports

Besides this beautiful beach is able to perform different activities like volleyball, bird watching, fishing, whale watching and diving.

The diving is especially popular since it provides the opportunity to enjoy the underwater riches.

Ayangue is considered one of the best diving in Ecuador.

El Viejo and El Pelado rocky isles are located approximately a 20-minute boat Ayangue and offer great opportunities to see the coral reefs and marine life.

Some sightings include: turtles, lobsters, octopus, white reef sharks, dolphins, angelfish, surgeonfish, butterfly fish, banner fish, soldier fish, moray eel, scorpion fish, blowfish, yellow tail mullet, parrot fish, hawk fish, stingrays, blue marlins, and swordfish, among others.

Although many of these species can only be seen in deep dives, snorkeling also offers great opportunities to see the delights of Ecuador underwater.

History of Ayangue

The proud history of Ayangue and surroundings has been recently discovered. I

n the last twenty years, historians and archeologists have determined that the communities of artisans in the area and populated the sector in 3000 BC.

 These experts concluded that many of the artifacts that were discovered are over 1000 years old, even older than the oldest in Peru and Mexico.

The archeological museum, near Valdivia, documents the history of these maritime nomads.

A place to enjoy

Ayangue is very popular among both national and international tourists.

This is due to the how special this beautiful resort is, its landscapes, its spectacular vegetation, and fauna.

Ayangue Beach is a place for relaxation, recreation and to satisfy the most demanding tastes in maritime cuisine.

Around the beach, you can find several restaurants offering all kinds of delicacies from the sea.


  1. Hi Joanna! What beautiful photos! I have never heard of this place, but it looks gorgeous. I could use some warm weather and sunny colors :)

    1. It is one of the many beaches here in Ecuador, Ceil. And a very beautiful place. Hope you get the chance to visit one day. Thank you for the visit and comment, and blessings to you also!