Saturday, November 30, 2013

I have sinned

must confess. I have sinned, I have sinned gravely agains God, against my neighbor and against myself.

I fallen in the sin of anger. I have called a coworker in anger and yelled him and treat him in a rash manner.

I have fallen in the sin of pride. I have thought myself above my coworkers, more intelligent than them, better and more worthy of praise and success.

I have fallen in the sin of vengeful thinking. I have had hateful thoughts against my husband who has cheated me. I have wanted to hurt him like he hurt me. Take away something important from him, like he took away his love from me.

I have fallen in the sin of injustice. I have judged someone unjustly and found her wanting. I have treated her with unfairness and used my position against her.

I have fallen in the sin of rumor spreading. I have spread information that I should not have trusted to other people and that has been used against the very people I talked about of.

I have fallen in the sin of uncharity. I have made my heart hard against another persons plight and have not helped her when he needed my help. I have rejoiced when he failed and used it against him as a proof that he is not as good as I am.

I have fallen in the sin of ungenerosity. I have not shared my wealth with others like I should but I have kept it for my own enjoyment.

I have fallen in the sin of excess of prudence. Instead of doing what God had urged me to do I have waited unsure if this really is a good moment to act. And thus I have lost the blessing God had ready for me.

I have fallen in the sin of intemperance. I have delighted myself in the gluttony and overspent my money without a thought for the needs of the rest of the month and my household.

I have fallen in the sin of freight and have been found wanting of fortitude. I have not had the courage to stand true to my beliefs every moments and bring forth the Kingdom of Heaven like Jesus instructed us to do.

I have fallen in the sin of unforgiveness. I have not forgiven the offenses against me but I have hidden them like treasures to admire them and to be able to feel pride and give judgement against the people who hurt me.

I have fallen in the sin of unfaithfulness, loosing my faith in God and His ability to change me and make me a better person.

I have fallen in the sin of contempt, despising a fellow man and thus falling a second time I the sin of self conceit, seeing myself as a person of great virtue, a model for others to follow. A true Christian role model.

I have fallen in the sin of jealousy, thinking that the part that other people play in the life is better than mine. That others have gotten more than I have and that I have not gotten my fair share.

I have fallen in the sin of greed, wanting and lusting after other people's property. Wishing that it were mine.

I have fallen in the sin of unhopefullness. I have thought that there is no opportunity for me, that I will never be able to chance, that I will never be a good person. And thus I have twice lay sinned because I wallowed in the self pity.

I confess my sins and I ask forgiveness. I ask to be washed in the blood of the Lamb, to be purified again in the sacrifice of our Savior, to be allowed to be part of His herd again, begotten to be His daughter in eternity.

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