Monday, October 20, 2014

Ecuadorian Sweets and Deserts

Even though majority of the times Ecuadorians eat a piece of fruit after the food.

There are also traditional and very delicious sweets and desserts.

Here are a few of them.

Hope you will enjoy them as much as I have.

Quimbolitos are a type of steamed puddings.

They are also called sweet tamales because they resemble tamales very closely.

Quimbolitos are sold on the streets and in restaurants and are immensely popular among Ecuadorians.

And they are one of my favorite desserts here in Ecuador.

Not hard to make and fun to eat, I recommend them to everyone.

Read more HERE.

Do you know what a taxo is?

This delicious fruit is also called banana passionfruit because of its yellow color and banana like appearance.

It makes excellent smoothies and ice-cream, and has many health benefits.

If you did not know taxo yet, I recommend you try it out.

You can find instruction on how to make a taxo smoothie or homemade ice-cream HERE.

Espumilla is a pink and ivory colored guaba fruit foam that is sold on the streets.

It is very popular and luckily easy to make it home.

You just need some guabas, eggs and sugar.

And voilá, you have your own batch of delicious espumilla.

Read more HERE.

Melcocha can be found all around the Ecuador where ever there are roads and travelers to buy the products.

It is an Ecuadorian artisan taffy and extremely delicious.

The traditional recipe is made only with sugar and butter but you can add different fruit juices to it to give it flavor.

My personal favorite is mandarin flavored melcocha.

Want to know how to make Melcocha?

Read it HERE.

Tomate de Arbol or tree tomato is a popular Ecuadorian fruit.

It is tangy with a little sweetness, is a great source of Vitamin A, B6 and C and also contains Vitamin E and Thiamine.

In Ecuador it is used in juice, smoothies, desserts, and hot salsa.

I especially enjoy tree tomatoes smoothies because of their great taste and because they are so good for my health.

Would you like to make a smoothie for yourself?

Find the recipe HERE.

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