Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Teaching material from recycled material

The special education teachers here in Napo province are very creative.

There are no books or other material for special education and they get almost no material from the schools or the education department.

Most of our teachers have created their material together with us.

At first it was hard for them, although they had their creativity and they were accustomed to create material, they did not know what to do for special education students.

Little by little they have been learning more about special education and what kind of activities, methods and techniques you can use.

During this time they have been creating their own material, from scratch.

Since they only have the jungle around them and the recycled materials they can find, the ingenuity and creativity they have is really admirable.

Here is a look at the material that the special education teacher from Campana Cocha kichwa community has created for his students.

On the left an activity for math class to recognize the numbers and order them. On the right, word cards for reading class.
Sensory activities box for math and reading/writing both.
Crafts with colored soda bottles and cans.
Number cards and letters.
Picture cards made of cutout pictures and cardboard.
Letter domino made out of cardboard.
Kichwa alphabet puzzle.
Number puzzle
Number recognition activity with colored bottle caps.
Color and cuantity recognition activity with colored bottle caps.
 They may not have much but they make much out of it.


  1. It is amazing what this teacher has come up with for the students! It is a shame that money isn't put towards special education.

  2. I think it is so amazing that they think of other things to get the points across.. That is why they are teachers!

  3. Wow this is great! I always love to see resources that are good to the earth!

  4. I love recycling products and this teacher did such a great job in creating recycled yet engaging tools.

  5. So many great ideas. I love recycling into crafts.

    Michelle F.

  6. So cool and such wonderful ideas!

  7. " They may not have much but they make much out of it." That is very apparent with these pictures.

  8. Excellent ideas. I tend to think "inside of the box" and think that I need to purchase teaching material.

  9. I remember in my country it was like this! Wow. What a creative set of teachers!

  10. Everything looks great. I think things mean more to you when they're made by you. I bet they take better care of these items than they might something purchased from the store.

  11. It's not just in Ecuador that teachers are given no curriculum. My first year of teaching in the public school system in Florida, I was given an Intensive Language Arts class and told there was no curriculum. I was supposed to figure it out myself. The class was basically a last resort for kids who were either drop out risks or had failed the mandatory state assessment test multiple times and were most likely never going to receive a diploma. The school system didn't care about them by that point, so no one wanted to spend any money on curriculum.

  12. WOW! I love their creativity. It's amazing what people are capable of doing.

  13. That is sad that they aren't funded for schools but it is great that they are still creative with what they have. These are great projects for anyone.

  14. As a homeschool mom I LOVE this post! I try to do the same thing since we live on 1 income and money gets tight. Great way to use what you have for free! Thank you for sharing this post!

  15. This is a great post. Such fun projects to do an inexpensive! Amber N

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