Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Butcher's Shop in Ecuador

Many things in Ecuador are very developed and modern.

In developing countries people often jump from step to another further away, totally overlooking something in between.
Insides of a refrigerator at the Butcher's Shop.

Like jumping from having no communications systems or mail, to internet and celular phones, forgetting the landlines in between.

Then there are others things that definitely are not developed or modern.
Weighting meat.

Modern times have mostly reached the cities and the bigger towns.

While the countryside remains still in another era.
Playing 40, a very popular card game, inside the shop.

Even the time seems to move differently.

In the cities it's fast and hurried.

At the little villages and in the countryside there is much more time, and no need to hurry.
A picture from the mainstreet. People like to gather outside the shop to discuss and be social, and to wait their turn on 40 game.

People, animals and plants move and grow with the seasons.

There is the rainy season and the dry season, and the moon to show when to plant and when to harvest.
Harvesting papayas.

Many things in the villages would not meet the safety restrictions or hygiene expectations that the city dwellers have.

But no worry, they are not meant for the fancy people, just for the common, ordinary and honest country folks.


  1. Beautiful pictures. I think sometimes being "modern" isn't such a good thing. We forget to relax, and enjoy people and nature around us.

  2. I've enjoyed all your posts on Ecuador, and have them all on my travel board

  3. Sometimes I wish I lived in a village where there's no need to hurry.

  4. Although they might appear to be lacking in some areas, they have family values that a lot of modern technology takes aways. I guess it all depends on how we look at.

  5. Although I may be a bit horrified to get meat from a butcher shop like that, I love how everyone lives without hardly any cares in the world. A slower pace would be nice for sure!

  6. I miss that kind of papaya, they are sweeter than the big ones.

  7. I would love to visit Ecuador. I have friend who grew up there and their stories, like yours, are amazing.

  8. It's so great to have a window into another culture. The teas and meat alone look amazing!
    Love Vicky
    Around and Upside Down

  9. I had no idea how papayas grew on trees until I saw your picture. Loved learning about another piece of Ecuador.

  10. We dont have butcher shops in my area anymore. Such a dying bread!