Friday, August 8, 2014

Ecuador, Country of Contrasts - Photo Challenge

Ecuador is a country of contrasts.

Here the old meets new, the ancient the modern, the powerty the wealth and the cold the heat.

Everything is extreme in Ecuador.

And there is always the opposite around.

I have noticed that since the roads are the bloodvessels of a country, there is no other better way to get the pulse, than from those roads.

Here is a collection of roads, view from them, with contrasts and even contradictions, that Ecuador has to offer.

Coastal highway next to the Pasific Ocean.
A house at the coastal region in Ecuador, the second floor is made from bambu.
Street view in Guayaquil, Ecuador's largest city.
View from Quito's old city, Quito is the Capital of Ecuador.
Highway at the Andes, at over 4000 meters.
A streetview in Cumbaya, the valley of Quito where many of the wealthy people of the Capital live.
A water crossing on Ecuadorian road.
A donkey on the road in the Andean region of Ecuador.
Bulls left to wait next to a road in a town at the Ecuadorian Andes.
Soccer fans marching to a game in Quito's norhern part.
Tena's central park with a free wi-fi zone. Tena is a town middle of the jungle, at the Ecuador's Amazon region.
Men doing road work at the Ecuador's coastal region next to a sign that says, "Be proud Ecuador - first Ecuador". A governamental campaing designed to get people buy Ecuadorian products and do local tourism.
Cacao beans drying in the sun at the Ecuador's Amazonic part. To make space for oil industry, people moving in and for wood industry, a lot of jungle has been cut down.
Traffic in a town at Ecuador's coastal region.
View of Quito's old airport and northern Quito.


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  2. Wow, that is an awful lot of contrast. It's almost amazing how the two mix together in society.

  3. I think the contrast is what makes it so beautiful!

  4. These photos are great. You have realky captured the culture and feel of the country.

  5. It seems that Ecuador's like the Philippines in terms of ways of living , and really thanking you for posting such photos.

  6. Wahooo !! Wonderful.. Photos are simply amazing. Captured amazing scenes.

  7. Awesome photos. I have never been to a foreign country. These kind of photos always make me so thankful for what we have.

  8. Cool and Great article, those photo's reflect filipino's way of living. thanks for this post : ))

  9. Wonderful photos you got there~ May I ask what camera are you using?

    1. I use Olympus SP-590UZ. It's a good camera but I'm saving to get a really good one.

  10. Hey travellor, those are nice photos.. Ecuador , seems to be untouched by extreme industrialization and capitalism.

  11. Those are some really great photos! I would be freaking out over the water drive to cross the road!

  12. This is an interesting place, and you have a great photos. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Ecuador is really beautiful. That goes for both the city with their colorful buildings and their natural attractions.

  14. It's an interesting contrasts to see the building standing in front of the beautiful mountain! Indeed, Ecuador is a country of contrast, or perhaps should I say, hopefully they will stay that way and NOT turn into a city of bricks and metal?

  15. What a lovely photo essay! There are some very interesting sites to see in Ecuador. The old and the new mixed together are great!

  16. Wow!!!! I loves to see heritage. Glad to know the ancient part still under maintenance.

  17. What a beautiful country with such diverse, yet exquisite terrain. I'd love to visit some day and if you are still there, we'd meet for coffee. Gorgeous photos.

  18. Good view producing great photos. They're simply amazing, I like the contrast you're trying to expose in the photos.. Great Idea!

  19. The place looks very simple. You made your point right and its amazing. Thanks for sharing! :)