Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Swimming hole in the Misahualli river in Archidona

June is called Tamia killa, or Rain month, in Amazonic Kichwa.

July and August both are part of this rainy season also.

It has been rainy and chilly, for the Equator and the Amazon.
My son with our Colombian friend and her cousin (also visiting from Colombia) at the swimming hole.
But there are always some beautiful days with sun shining and temperatures climbing.

Those are the perfect days to visit the different rivers and watering holes that the area around Tena offers.
Local Kichwa children enjoying the water.
One of them can be found in the little town of Archidona, just 10 minutes from Tena.

The Misahualli River flows through the town.
The water feels cold at first.
The water is cold and refreshing, after all its melting water from the glaciers of the Andes.

The hot and humid of the air makes a perfect mix with the refreshingly cool water.
The water is clear and clean. It is melting water from the glaciers of the Andes.
Misahualli River is also part of many local folktales.

It is said that a giant boa, over 15 meters long, is trapped under a huge boulder in the riverbed around Archidona area.

The children here learn to swim from early age on.
And if the boulder was ever to be moved, the boa will be freed from its prison and will devour all the people of Archidona.

This is a very famous story adds excitement to the visit to the river.
Jumping from the boulder to the water. Wander if this is where the boa is trapped?
Especially for my son who wanted to know which is the exact boulder where the boa is trapped.

If you ever visit Tena, I recommend you go for a swim in the clear waters of Misahualli River.


  1. What an INCREDIBLE place to swim!! I would have LOVED that when I was younger :) Great post!

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