Friday, April 18, 2014

Gospel Friday Countdown - Easter

Today is the Good Friday.

The day when we conmemorate Jesus's death.

The day to remember His suffering.

The day to honor the prize He paid for our freedom.

The day to thank Him for His sacrifice.

In Finnish it is called "Long Friday" because of the idea that even the time stands still witnessing Christ's suffering and death.

In Spanish today is "Saint Friday" because it has been santified by His sacrifice for us.

We were given the life and the joy.

And we threw it all away.

But because of God's love we are alive again.

We have been filled with His joy.

The Christ is dead, and He has risen, He lives again!

5. Andrea Bocelli sing Halleluyah from Handel's Messiah

4. Telemann - Brockes Passion - Passion Oratorio

3. J. S. Bach - St. Mathew's Passion

2. Reinhard Keiser - Passion music

1. Antonin Dvorak - Stabat Mater

May your eternal longing be satisfied on this Easter day!


  1. It's definitely a day of thankfulness for God's love. Happy Easter too, Joanna!

  2. Thanjks for the songs! I was just telling my kids this morning that I dont think there are any Easter songs but now I know Im wrong - its easy to forget what the day is really about!

  3. Beautiful post. Happy Easter from our family to yours!