Tuesday, April 29, 2014

God Allmighty

Most of the humans ever to have lived have believed in different kinds of gods.

In all times, everywhere people have believed there is something bigger, something that existed before us, some reason that the universe is the way it is.

And they have always tried to explain it and somehow they have felt that there is a need in them, in us, of someone.

That we were not here by accident, but we were created and we need a personal relationship with that Creator.

It is true that there have been dreams and whispers of the Perfect Story, the one and only True Story, even before it happened.

Because all of our hearts are attuned to God, and all of us seek to belief, be it in gods or in science.

And that is why week keep looking for the Truth, until we finally find it or die, never knowing what could have been.

God is love and heaven is filled with His love.

He cares for each of us and He is not restricted by time or space.

He has all the time in the Universe to spend with us and show his love and care.

The adoration you described comes from the joy that we're going to be filled with.

The place you describe as Heaven is actually the Hell.

In Hell the fallen angels are arrogant and have no care for people.

The evil will expect constant adoration and lip service to him.

You will not have time to enjoy anyone there; your time will be used in serving the evil and his minions.

All that is good, all that is beautiful and appealing comes from God.

And Hell is removed from His presence.

There will be no hot girls, no sex and no fun; because all this is a gift that God has given to us.
The sexual attraction, the joy and pleasure comes from Him, from what He created in us.

And when we are removed from His presence, nothing of this will exist.

Just the empty, vacant husks adoring and servicing the devil.

I refuse to live in a dog-eat-dog world.

I know that I don't really "know" God.

He's too great, too immense, too marvelous for me to know Him or understand Him.

But I strive to do it.

Because I look for goodness and call that goodness God.

God is the good force in the Universe.

God is what is good and perfect.

God is who created us.

God is the source of love and joy.

God is the giver of happiness.

He is God.

That is what I believe.


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  1. Beautiful post. I know that our minds can't really imagine what Heaven is truly like. We've only seen glimpses of it in the beauty of what He creates.

  2. Lovely post with beautiufl prose and photos. Nicely done!

  3. As always, a very thought-provoking post with beautiful photos!

  4. I believe that there is a much bigger presence around us. I have experienced this in the past..

  5. Everyone perceives the Almighty in different ways. It has always been so as you stated above, and will always be so. Now if only everyone could learn to respect others for their beliefs what a wonderful world this could be.

  6. I so agree with what Michele have said, if we only everyone of us know how to respect each other's beliefs.