Friday, June 27, 2014

I was given a new life

Once there was a man who left his job and his important position in the society and the company.

He sold everything he had and gave it to the poor.

You are crazy, everyone else told him.

How are you going to live, his mother cried.

Who do you think will feed you, his father yelled.

You have made you wife and children beggars, they wailed.

What will the neighbors think!
He spent his days in contemplation and prayer, reading his big book.

Preaching from the book to others.

Let the book feed you, the people laughed.

Let your prayers clothe your children.

Finally he felt ready to answer his call and packed his bags.

Together with his family he travelled to another country.

Where people spoke another language and had different way of life.
There are poor here at home, people tried to talk sense into him.
People who need your prayers and your big book.

Why do you have to go so far?

In that other country he served the people.

He did not want anything for himself or his family.

But gave all to the strangers.

When the moment came, he gave his life also.

We told you so, his family and the neighbors claimed to his wife.
Look what he did to you and your children.

Now what you are going to do?

I will stay here and continue his work, she answered.

And if you have to die also?

Then I will gladly give my life, because it is the greatest gift of all.

I was given a new life and it is not mine to decide anymore.
How can I deny if I am asked to return it?


  1. This is beautiful. I was given a new life, too! These people are so gorgeous... they radiate the love of God.

  2. What a thoughtful post that gets you thinking about the positivity and good vibes that we, as individuals, give back to our community...and beyond.

  3. Wow, thank you so much for sharing this lovely story. People can be so amazing sometimes.

  4. God bless! So wonderful to see kindness exists in many.

  5. Wow.. I am not sure what to say.. this was an incredible story.

  6. Great post - and a great writing style!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. That's a very nice story. And those kids are so cute!

  8. I love the photos of all the children! They are adorable. Thanks for another installment...

  9. Great, inspirational story! Thank you for sharing it!

  10. Beautiful children! Thanks for the inspiring read :)

  11. When God Calls He will take care of YOU!

  12. What a testimony! Thank you for sharing this inspiration on the Art of Home-Making Mondays!

  13. Beautiful children and inspirational read as always!