Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What is the cross?

What really happened on the cross?

And why it is so important for us?

Cross is a beautiful decoration for many, or maybe a piece of jewelry.

But for a Christian, cross isn’t just a beautiful trinket hanging from our necks or a picture on the wall.

The cross is a reminder of most important event in the history about 2000 years ago.

The event that God caused to be able to connect with the people again and to be united with us once more.

What really happened on that cross?

Why is it such a turning point in the history of world?

Was the violent death of an ancient prophet and a teacher somehow special?

The history is filled with curious events.

How the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ could somehow be special?

What is its significance to the people, today?

When you accept Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection as a fact, and believe it, accept Him to your life, the results of it will change your life.

Jesus is the God made human and He came here to fulfill a heavenly mission.

Through Him we can achieve a living and working relationship with God.

Because of sin we are separated from God here on earth, and are in the danger of being separated forever.

But the death and resurrection of Jesus caused something special, unique, and of utmost importance, it is still current today, and offered to all the people.

On the cross Jesus sacrificed himself.

His sacrifice was his life, the pure, sinless life that was given for all of us.

Through His blood we have been atoned, received redemption and justified.

Atonement is what happened on the cross, from the point of view of God.

The just anger of God, cause by the sin was atoned by the sacrifice of cross.

Jesus, as the sacrificial lamb, paid for all of our sins.

He suffered the punishment for all of us.

This is how the blood of the cross brings atonement and forgiveness.

The barrier of sin between men and God has been removed.

The humans are able to reconciliate with God, to have a relationship with Him.

Redemption is what happened on the cross, from the point of view of evil.

Because of the sin we are slaves to the evil, not free to do our own will and fulfill ourselves.

But through the blood of the cross, our freedom has been bought.

The price has been paid, we are not slaves anymore.

Evil’s power was broken on the cross and the redemption has freed us from the sin and from its consequences.

From our point of view, we were justified on the cross and given the position of the child of God.

Through His blood we were born again and adopted as the children of King, accepted fully by Him.

Our relationship with Him has been redeemed and we have an unlimited contact with God.

Through the blood of Jesus, God sees us perfect and without a blemish, just like Himself.

All this, that happened on the cross, you can receive as a gift.

You have the possibility to have a relationship with God.


  1. Great post :) You made it very simple to understand the basics of being a Christian!

  2. Thanks for the post.. as a non christian i do not know all of this until now..

  3. really enjoyed reading your post, very insightful!

  4. Great post. I like the way you put a space between each line. It made me read slower and think more. It good to hear the story of how Jesus died for us over and over as a reminder of his love

  5. Wonderful words, a beautiful reminder.

  6. I have many crosses in my home. I keep one on the wall in the bedroom and a crucifix right by my front door so I see it every time I leave and come home.

  7. I have a cross pendant, but I don't have one on display in my home.

  8. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading this, what a great reminder.

  9. Thanks so much for this beautiful post and reminder.

  10. These are some very interesting ponderings. My mother would appreciate .

  11. I know we all believe different things in regards to Christ but this is basic enough for us all to gain an understanding :) Thank you.

  12. Joanna, We're neighbors at Sunday Stillness. So nice to meet you. The cross changed everything - what a beautiful description you gave of God's amazing gift to us.

  13. A good summation of the work of Christ to bring about redemption! May many read and believe! Thanks!