Friday, December 13, 2013

Guest posting

Chris Wilson from the Christian Bloggers community got me thinking about guest blogging. It is an idea that I find very appealing.

This is supposed to be a page to explain what I would expect from a guest blogger.

I'm writing a very new blog that is based on my personal life, experiences and faith. I don't have an enormous audience, although I hope to find a like minded community to share our experiences. This is the reason why I blog. To share my faith with others.

In a post that someone would submit to me I would like to see personal experiences and how that has affected your faith and life in Christ. I'm very interested in multiple themes, society and social justice and how Christiany relates to all this. So, life is your playground.

I feel that I'm not a theologian. I don't blog about theology as science because I am not able to do it. There are better people for it and I think I really should leave it for them.

What I know is how Christ and faith has affected my life, my family and my work. And that is what I write about and would like to my guest posters to write about also.

I also like to use a lot of photographs. I like to give my blog a visual image. If you don't have your own pictores, let me know so we can look through mine and see which pictures you feel relate to your theme. After all it is your life, so you are the expert here.

"Oh, for grace to love the rough paths, because we see his footprints upon them!"
Charles Spurgeon

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