Friday, January 31, 2014

Beautiful songs by Jesús Adrian Romero - Gospel Friday Countdown

In the earlier Gospel Friday Countdown posts I have shared my old and new favorites.

But what I have not shared is the music that I have all around me.

The rhytms that I live with.

It was quite a change for me at first.

Still stiff from the freezing cold of Finland, just thawing with the equatorial sun, I encountered the latin rhytms.

A Amazonic Kichwa girl dancing Cumbia.

And not just encoutered them but I was thrown at their mercy.

It was hard and I did not adjust well at first.

It actually took me years to find my new favorites.

This musician is very famous around the Spanish speaking world.

His music is very international, there isn't much of latin flavor, he is much more praise oriented.

A girl dancing Mariachi at Tena's festivities.
But that was the familiarity that touched my heart and opened it to Christian Latin Music.

I actually found him by accident.

I was driving from Quito to Baeza and stopped by a department store to buy some things that you can't get from Baeza.

There I saw a little Christian Bookstore hidden in a corner.

I decided to go inside and see if there was something that I would like to buy.

And, missing music and something to listen to during the trip, I asked for Christian music.
A youth group dancing Bomba from Valle de Chota.

The clerk told me that the best thing they had was Jesús Adrian Romero and she showed me various CD from the same artist.

I picked one, just by chance, and it has been my favorite since then.

I hope you learn to love his music as much as I have.

5. Tienen Tu Color (They have Your Color)

I thought You had forgotten all the things I asked for.

All the songs I wrote to You.

But I noticed, they have been there, they have been remembered.

And in your time You will give me what is the best.
All my dreams have Your color.

They have Your heartbeat and I want nothing without Your guidance.

All my dreams have Your cadency and Your rhythm.

4. Niña de Tus ojos (Apple of Your eyes)

You saw me when no one saw me.

You loved me when no one loved me.

You gave me a name.

I am the apple of Your eye, because You loved me.

You gave me a name, I am the apple of Your eye, because You loved me.

I love You more than my own life, so much more.

 3. Si hubiera estado allí (If I had been there)

 If I had been there.

Among the people who asked for your death, who crucified you.

I have to admit I would have hammered your hands to that cross, if I had been there.

Thinking it through, I was there too.

I was the one who spit on you, I was the one who hurt your side.

I was the one who gave you the crown of pain and thorns.

I was there too.

Yes, I was there too.

2. Sólo pienso en Tí (I only think about You)

Because of Your love You left the Heaven and descended to the cross.

You didn't care about the pain because of me.

You didn't care about the consequences.

You only thought about me.

I only think of You on that cross.

I want to live under the wings of Your love.

You have become my obsession.

You are my gravity, my sun.

1. Ayer Te ví... Fue más claro que la luna (I saw You yesterday... It was clearer than the moon)

I saw You yesterday and it was clearer than the moon.

I have no doubts, it was an aprarition.

My heart has leapt, when I saw You.

After I searched You so much, in prayer asking to see Your face.

I saw You in a child on the street, I saw You in his hands, asking for a bread, I saw You in his faltering smile.

I saw You yesterday.


  1. Great musicians....I love their music....and i also enrique...
    You should av put his name 2 on the list...

  2. I forgot how much I miss Spanish music. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This looks so fun! going to check out the songs now!

  4. Thanks for sharing these songs.. need a nice little lift..

  5. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Your photos are stunning-- lovely :)

  7. Love the pictures of the beautiful children, Makes me smile.

  8. We play this game every tuesday called twisted mixtape on I would love to see you join it.

  9. We play this game every tuesday called twisted mixtape on I would love to see you join it.

  10. Love the pictures! I would love to do some traveling like this.

  11. I grew up listening to old spanish music. It reminds me of campfires with the family drunk and singing their hearts out.

  12. Wow. These songs are beautiful. I will definitely listen to them closer, I see why you love them so much! Thank you so much for joining me this week, I am so happy to have you and get to know your blog!