Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wednesday facts

Today is Wednesday. It's no Friday but it's not Monday, either.

To honor the fact that we are in the middle of week, I will tell you five facts of life, about me or someone else, faith, world and existence in general.

And what I want from you, my readers?

I want to know about you! 

So, leave me your facts, so I can comment them.

They can also be about you, your life or anything you find fascinating in this world or in the world beyond.

Here I go:

1) I'm originally from Finland and came to Ecuador when I was 20 years old. But now I feel more Ecuadorian than Finnish and I tell to people I'm from Ibarra, a town here in Ecuador.

2) I didn't have any pets until I was nine years old. But after that We've had in our family more than 100 pets in total. Most of them rescued ones.

3) My family includes myself, my son, a snautzer, a chihuahua and two cats. We have agreed with my son that for now equal pairs are enough, two people, two dogs and two cats, perfect.

4) I live in the Amazon jungle. I love to say that to everyone. I actually live in a small town in the Amazon, not in the bush. But it is so amazing after reading about jungle, dreaming about jungle and just wishing I could some time go to visit a jungle, to actually be living here.

5) I am learning Kichwa, Ecuadorian indigenous language. There are different variations and the Amazon Kichwa is very different from Andean Kichwa that I was taught. So, I'm struggling but I will prevail, I shall be a fluent Kichwa speaker, some day...

Now it's your turn...

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