Monday, January 13, 2014

My personal writing goals - What you can expect this year 2014!

I have always wanted to write a book, or at least as long as I can remember.

I used to read all the wonderful books, like Narnia series by C. S. Lewis and dream about writing something similar myself.

I think I gave it my first try at 8, I didn't get very long until I bored and just wrote, and they lived happily ever after.

I had a lot more respect for writers and authors after that.

I mean, writing takes hours, it can take even a whole day, how can they do it and not get bored?

But I persisted, and I keep dreaming and writing.
Me (standing, holding the book, yes, the one that looks like sheet compared to others) with Special Education teachers I train here in the Amazon. They are all kichwas. I'm here holding a book a wrote for them in Spanish, called Inclusive Education Manual.
Besides writing my dreams were to be a missionary-doctor-nurse-teachers, everything at once, and write about it.

Even as a child I dreamed and felt that God wanted me to do something for Him, and I wanted to, impatiently, know what it was.

I dreamed about writing a masterpiece of literature, a fantasy novel, a biography, something to bring people closer to God, everything!

And I wanted to do it as soon as possible!

Here I am (again the white one in the middle) with special needs studenst and their parents at Campana Cocha village.
A very good piece of advice I got when I was a teenager and desperate that I wasn't yet a successfull published author, preferrable in the bestseller list.

I was told that to write I need to live, to experience things, to have stories to tell.

To let God do His work in my life, and let Him decide when it is time.

So, I have written but I have tried to live, tried to not be impatient, and wait the moment when I would be ready to sit down and write what I have lived.

I have tried to listen to God and learn from Him.

Most of the time it has been trying and not succeeding, speeding ahead, falling down and hurting myself, to climb up bleading and crying, asking for forgiveness.

So, I have lived and I have learned, and I have seen how amazing God is and what He can do.
Here I am (again, not hard to spot I think) with our project manager, Rolando, in the middle, and Kichwa speaking School District Leader, Blas Chimbo.

Last year I started this blog in earnest.

It has suprised me how much I enjoy writing and telling stories, and how happy it makes me to interact with my readers and feel that I have touched them in some way.

Also I have been suprised on how I have found the words to tell what I have lived through.

How I have been able to put the pain into words, and the happiness, and the joy that has been given to me.

There has been many disapointments, many times my heart has broken but I have been given incredible gifts, I have been able to live through incredible things.

And they are with me, wispering in my heart, and now I want to tell them.

So, here it goes.

This year will be it.
Here I am with my mother, she's the one at left. I know, most of the people think she's my sister. She was only 19 when she had me.

I have decided to start writing and, I will tell my story.

The story of how I came to Ecuador and how it blew my mind, changed my life and the way I look at everything.

And every stupid mistake and funny ocurrency in between and how God used even my impatience, my errors and mistakes and made them into something beautiful.

I think now I have my stories ready, and I am ready also, and I want to share it with you.

I also have some plans for the blog, like I said this has been a lot of fun and I really love my readers.

The Sundays will be a little more serious, like you have already seen.

I already have some posts ready about Natural law and, Moral law, which Moral law we should choose, how We need God and, What is sin.

One last picture with a special education teacher from Santa Rita village and two of his students. This is his classroom. It is also the school's computer lab and he has to leave when someone has computer science classes.
I hope you will enjoy them like you have enjoy the Sabbath series.
- Remember the Sabbath by keeping it holy 1
- Remember the Sabbath by keeping it holy 2
- Remember the Sabbath by keeping it holy 3

The Fridays are going to continue as Gospel Friday Countdown.

The Wednesday Facts seemed like a success, so I will continue with them also.

And I would love to know more about you also.

I have few ideas for Saturdays, Thursdays, Tuesdays and Mondays that I'm throwing around, but nothing for sure right now.

I know that I want to write about my faith and what it means to me, I also want to tell what I have learned as a mother to my son, and what my work here means to me.

So you have other ideas?

What would you like to read?

Let me know!

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