Friday, February 7, 2014

Gospel Friday Countdown

When I was in High School I was both in our school choir and our church's choir.

I just loved singing, and sometimes, like everyone does, I dreamed of stardom and singing in front of thousands of people.

It was such an exciting thing.

But at the same time I loved singing in the choir of our little church, with definitely not even hundreds of people, because I just loved to sing.

And I loved our group, they were all my friends and we had wonderful time.

We goofed around, we had fun, we talked, we joked and we prayed.
Sing your heart out!

We even had a special tradition of the anger circle, where everyone could tell what annoyed them about someone.

You couldn't get angry and hurt, even though it was called the anger circle, but you couldn't tell mean things just to hurt the other person.

The idea was to vent your feelings and then let the other person to express what they thought about what was happening.

It worked really well, surprisingly well actually, thinking that we were a group of teenage girls without an adult to guide us.

Even our choir leader was just seventeen.

But it cleared the air and when it was the time to sing in the church, we could sing our hearts out.
Singing is even better with your friends!

It was in the 90's and the worship songs just started to come into fashion in Finland.

Whenever I hear worship songs, it reminds me of that time and of the friends I had and how I wanted so much to give my heart and life to Jesus, with every song.

Now I have so many disappointments and hurts.

I'm old (almost 40, can you believe) and scarred.

It has been a real struggle but when I'm at a church, or at my house, or in the car, listening to worship songs, I still sing my heart out.

These worship songs are a bit younger than that.

But they are songs that talk to me and make me want to burst out singing.

Matt Redman has many fantastic songs and I'm sure many of you feel that these are not the best five.

But this is my Top 5.

5.  Your Grace Finds Me

I can always trust that Your grace finds me.

You are faithfull, I can always trust You.


4. Never Once

I have never walked alone.

Even when I thought I would die from the pain.

Even when I felt my heart brake and soul wither away.

Never once did I walk alone.

3. Blessed Be Your Name

I want to bless Your name.

I know that every day I can trust your mercy and love.

Every day I'm closer.

Every step brings me nearer to You.

2. Holy

I can never understand You.

I cannot comprehend Your Grace.

My heart does not hold Your Holiness.

What I am, is Yours.

1. 10000 Reasons

There are 10 000 reasons why I love You.

There are 10 000 ways You love me.

There are not days enough to worship Your holy name.


  1. Agree that singing is the best of medicines! Both my daughters have good voices, one in particular chooses to sing a lot in public as a member of the Nottingham Harmonic Choir and the St. Barnabas Catholic Cathedral Choir. Her voice is definitely God-given: the other daughter has a more operetta-type quality to her voice, and my late husband, too, had a beautiful voice, until his breathing began to give him trouble. Me? I sang in a school choir, and used to be able to sing better than I now do. Certainly the higher notes are more difficult to reach! Good luck with your singing - and those of your young friends depicted here.

    1. Thank you, Isobel. Singing is wonderful. But I don't really sing to perform anymore. I have had too many throath infections, the climate change and stress from moving around has really damaged my voice. Like you say, I used to be able to sing better than now. Now the singing just for my enjoyment, I don't know if anyone else actually enjoys it, LOL

  2. I completely understand what you mean. I still enjoy singing the songs I learned in church camp or at Vespers worship services during my teen years. Go ahead and keep giving your heart and life to Jesus with every song -- he longs for the broken and tired, so that won't bother him!! Prayers for you, dear.

  3. Sing your heart out, doesn't matter what other people say or think! Keep your spirits uplifted and continue doing what you're doing!

  4. I am not familiar with any of the above and will be going back to take a listen.

    I have a confession - I don't know how to pray in the traditional way that some know. It was something I had never learned or felt comfortable with. And now with an adult with anxiety disorder, I feel downright foolish folding my hands, closing my eyes, and speaking aloud something that is so personal. For me, I have found that singing (a passion of mine as well) is my way of praying. It is my way of connecting.

    I sang in choir in school starting from sixth grade until I graduated. I have tried finding a church choir to sing with, but it is hard due to my anxiety plus having 3 kids with me while hubby works on the weekends. It is on my bucket list to get done though!

    1. I think worship is a prayer, Leila. And I don't know how traditional our traditional praying is after all. For me the best way to pray is to be alone and quiet in front of God. I tell Him everything in my mind, not aloud. I think the important thing is to be in communion, not the way we do it.

  5. It looks like every one is having so much time worshipping. When we were "shopping" for a church, the music was a very important part of our decision.

  6. sometimes worshipping is the best treatment for a confused self. i am happy that there's a blogger who's interested on spreading the words of God. God bless you more! :)

  7. Worshing songs are the best. It made me realize a lot of things. I so love "Who am I", have you heard of that song?

  8. I was in the choir as well so I know first hand how singing can affect the mood of a person or even a group. Lively Christian songs really get me going especially when I have to do something difficult or whenever I need a push.

  9. The worship songs can really uplift you even in the toughest time. It reminds you that no matter how difficult life is, there's always someone there guiding you.

  10. I love all those songs! I don't sing in our church choir, but I play in the orchestra. Singing is good for the soul.

  11. I love the idea of the angry circle.

    Michelle F.

  12. i love your way coping with toughest time in life...Singing always helps in life 2 overcome

  13. Awww..this is very inspiring. :') I love these songs.. it gives a light feeling talaga especially when you're down or lonely. :')

  14. It always amazes me how singing draws us so much closer to God and to one another. What a wonderful gift we've been given, in music!

    1. That is so true! Music talks to us in a way nothing else can.

  15. I have the exact same dream when i was young! I am not quite old too (30, when did i become so old???) and still love to sing my heart out (even though i do not day dream about being a famous singer anymore), it just helps me feel so much better. I am not a very devout Christian, but whenever i go to Church, my fave part of the sermon's the singing part :D

    1. I am glad you could relate, Mindy. I don't dream about being a famous singer anymore either. And know I understand a bit better how much work that is. But singing is something that touches the sould in a way nothing else can.

  16. I love singing worship songs especially when I'm extremely depressed. It's very helpful as it can easily lighten up your load. This is a very good collection of worship songs. I love your top 5. :)

  17. Music can cure souls :) This is the perfect post for a sunday evening :)

  18. Music and laughter are the two best medicines ever! My favourite music of these 5 is definitely Holy. :)

  19. I remember my high school years with your post :) I was very active in church and we always to go to youth events. I met some of the greatest people who eventually became my long-time friends :)

    Enjoy your life as a teen while serving God :)

    1. That is so true, Lornajane. I hope everyone can find their chance to enjoy their youth while serving God. It's the best kind of youth.

  20. Oh wow, these songs are inspiring!

  21. inspiring reminds me that i should keep more the words and gospel of god.