Saturday, February 15, 2014

Gospel Saturday Countdown

Due Valentine's Day the Countdown has been changed to Saturday.

There is no Kichwa sign language.

There baraly is an Ecuadorian Sign Language.

It is very new and many towns have their own ones that they still keep using.

The costal region has always had one that is different from the Andes region.

Teacher's from Porotoyaku trying to sign the Ecuador's National Anthem.
And people just can't make up their mind about what sign language to use.

It make our work a lot harder.

And especially it makes the lives of deaf Kichwa children very much harder.

Because they have no language, they don't know nothing about deaf culture, they are isolated and have very few means to communicate.

One of the things I wanted to show to our Special Education teachers was how sign language looks.

Because I can talk about it but it just isn't the same as seeing it.
Teacher's from Campana Cocha educational net try to sign the Ecuador's National Anthem.

And since there was no official Ecuadorian Sign Language three years ago and I could not find any videos of even an unofficial one.

I decided to show them ASL, American Sign Language.

That brought me to find a huge amount of songs that were signed.

I thought it was a wonderful way to show that signing is a very expressive way to communicating, just like any other language.

I also found worship music in ASL and have been fan since then.

I think it is fantastic that people are able to worship God in their own language.

And it is such a beautiful way to express yourself and communicate with God.

So, I wanted to show you some of my favorites.

I'm sure there more of them online but these are the ones I have fallen in love with.

5. Andrew signs "How Great"

Who can say "No" to a cute little boy signing a worship song.

I just love the way he's belting his heart out and putting it in front of God.

This one really touches my heart.

4.  The Revelation Song ASL / worship signing - 1

An eight year old girl signs a worship song.

She might be young but her performance is very professional and passionate.

3. Praise You in the Storm Sign Language

A very artistic performance by talented young women.

The worship becomes more than song, it is signing in dance.

An visual poem to honor God.

2. All of Creation (Mercy Me) Sign Language

Another very professional performance.

Here the young women sign in a very clear manner to get the message across.

But at the same time there is cordinated beauty to their choreography.

1. "Healer" in ASL & CC by Rock Church Deaf Ministry

My personal favorite.

A young woman's solo of the "Healer".

Her very expressive interpretation of a beautiful song with power and passion.


  1. That's wonderful!! Sign language is a beautiful part of communication, just like any other language and it's so important for people to be able to express themselves in their own way of communicating, even through worship :)

    1. I agree, Brandi. I'm so glad to see sign language is becoming more and more common in so many places.

  2. What an awesome way to learn sign language.

    Michelle F.

  3. I've attended a few churches that have an ASL interpreter. I think it's so important for everyone to worship in their own language!

    1. I agree, Elisebet. We all need to be able to aproach God and express ourselves the way we are.

  4. That is so awesome. I love the sign language part of it. That is great.

  5. I cannot imagine not being able to hear, let alone not communicate. I hope the people of Equador are able to decide on a uniform style of sign language and can teach it to the next generation of children who are deaf. ASL is a beautiful language and awesome way to worship the Lord.

    1. Thank you, Chandra. I hope there will be some common sense about sign language here also. And especially that they will take into consideration the different nationalities and languages that there are in existance here.

  6. This is a really great blog post! Congratulations for your work. Being able to help people with hearing problems through God's will is a wonderful cause. Keep up your good work.

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  7. Love that you shared the videos and love see in the pics too! This looks like a great way to spend a sunday!

  8. I play gospel songs online almost everyday. My favorite is Don Moen.

  9. OK, this is sooooo cool! I really love that you have been joining us. Some worship music I like, some I think is a little.... I don't know... but you have introduced me to so much new stuff, but watching it this way is fantastic!

  10. Outstanding. I loved this. What a beautiful thing you created. Shared!