Thursday, May 15, 2014

On the go - Photo challenge

Ecuadorians are always on the go.

In Finland people stay a lot inside.

You close the doors and the windows and do indoor activities.

Because of the weather.

During the summer people like to spend time outside.

But everyone knows that it is only temporary.

We are on the go.
In Ecuador, it is strange to have your front door closed.

Or if someone enters a room and closes the door, people feel quite uncomfortable.

At school the classroom doors are always kept open so that the students won’t feel closeted.

It is even considered cruelty towards the students to close the door.

Usually there are no window panes or glass on the windows, so they stay open all day too.
Holiday traffic on the highway.
At their homes people open their windows facing the street, to see what is happening.

Many times, passing by, you can see straight to the living room or kitchen.}

And people greet and nod you, even though you don’t know them.

When they have a chance Ecuadorians run off to the river, or to play sport.

Soccer, or the real football as it is called here, is the most popular one.

People gather around to watch and participate.
Go around! We are playing volley and closed the street!
Another favorite is ecuavolley, Ecuadorian volleyball, with three men teams and hard soccer ball.

That really gets people moving and the money also, with all the betting that is going on.

Favorite time to be on the go is during the holidays.

People travel around the country to visit their families.

Everyone gets out, goes to picnic to a park or bathing to a river or beach.

There is dancing through the night.

And then the next day, everyone returns to their homes.

Ecuadorian really do believe that a rolling stone doesn’t gather moss.


  1. In the US, you will never find babies on a bike or people riding in the back open like that.. that is a big no no..

    1. I still haven't gotten used to it either. It just is so dangerous. Especially knowing how many of them die every day.

  2. Very interesting photos. I wish we had your weather.

  3. so nice! what a great place to visit! Never been but is on my go-to list!
    Dee T

  4. The picture looks so crisp and real. Great captures.

  5. Fascinating pictures. Us Americans are overly concerned with our privacy. Such openness would be a culture shock to me. By the way, I must admit I was somewhat befuddled by the man on the motorcycle wearing a helmet while the baby was not.

    1. It's illegal to drive a motorcycle without a helmet, Michelle. It is also illegal to have other people on it but the police will give you a ticket if you don't have a helmet but look the other way if you have other people on it.

  6. Some day I will visit places like think I hope. Awesome pictures.

  7. That's The Way It Should Be I Remember As A Child We Would Leave The Keys In The Car & NEVER Lock Our Doors But Can't Do That Today It's Ashame!

  8. Gorgeous pics, that looks like chaos

  9. These are so beautiful Ecuador looks so lively and fun!

  10. Ecuador is starting to grow on me because of your posts. I would love to visit your country.

  11. I didn't know that they kept their doors open. I always learn the most interesting facts about the Equator culture from you.

  12. This is such a nice discovery.. Its surprising that some traits of people from Ecuador and The Philippines are the same.

  13. what a neat experience! Looks like quite a bit of traffic and the man in the back of the truck makes me nervous like he is going to fall out!

  14. Blocking the road to play soccer.. lol that sounds fun

  15. Lol! I love the traffic jam.. almost reminds me of when I lived in LA... BLEH! Seriously, though, I hear Ecuador is beautiful :)

  16. I love the photos and Ecuador scenes are very much alike here in the Philippines even the people and the environment the only thing we don't have here is your motorcycle which has a front carrier and not a sidecar like here.

  17. This is a nice challenge! Some things are similar to my country. Love your photos :)

  18. Oh my gosh! Definitely nothing you'd see in the U.S. I did see weird things when I was in the Philippines. Babies or kids that young are definitely NOT allowed on a bike!