Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Are we in trouble? And if we are, what kind of trouble is it?

We are not in trouble because of something we have done.

Or something someone else did.

Or something we will do.

We are in trouble because we think we can live without God.

Imagine it like this.

God is the man standing on top of the tall building, trying to tell us that if we continue walking on there will be certain death for us.

He came down; He told it to us in person.

 And now He expects us to believe it.

We're not in trouble with Him.

He loves us; He's trying to warn us, He wants to save us.

We're in trouble because we don't want to listen to Him.

We are in trouble because of our pride.

We are in trouble because we think we can do better if we don't listen to God.

We are in trouble because we consider ourselves better than God. 

 The good thing is that there is an answer to this trouble.

The question is: Can you let go of your pride? 

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