Friday, May 23, 2014

Will you live for me now?

There once was a kingdom where there was a very wise king who ruled the land.

All of his subjects loved him because he was a just man and they knew he loved them back.

A man was brought to him, accused of burning other man's house.

The house owner's little daughter had been inside and was killed in the fire.

It was an accident but still, a death was a death, and the man and his family were devastated and demanded retribution.

King asked the man who lost his daughter what kind of retribution did he want.

The man told him that he wanted the other man's daughter to die, just like her daughter had died.

So, you think that another person can pay for the act that this man committed?

It was not his daughter that burned the house after all, said the king.

No, it was not, answered the man, but if I am to lose a child, so should he.

I will give you my own son, king answered, he is my only son.

So he can die for the sin that this man has committed.

The first man went, happy that he had the revenge that he wanted.

The second man stayed to hear his sentence and he wanted to know why the king would do a sacrifice like that for him.

He was after all, a subject who had done an atrocious deed.

I have freed you from the debt, king said, but not from the consequences.

The other man and his family have no house, they have nothing left.

You will bury their daughter, build their house again and work until they have everything they need.

And you will not do this for them but for me and my son.

You will do it for the love that I showed to you and for the sacrifice that my son gave for you and for the love you feel for us.

Because I have set you free from your sin.

Now will you pay it with your life to me?

Are willing to live for me now? 

Will you be the son that I lost for me?

I am willing to have you, if you just want it.

Because you have free will and you after you have paid the consequences you are free to go and do as you will.

I only want your love and service if you give them to me, willingly.


  1. Those textiles are beautifully handcrafted.

  2. These pictures really help to tell this story.. they are really amazing!

  3. Great story, definitely one to reflect on.

  4. I love the pictures that you share. Everything is so pretty.

  5. What a beautiful blog you have here. I love the content - the photos are gorgeous and they do tell an interesting story. Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you will visit soon again, and stay :)

  6. This story makes us reflect on the magnitude of the sacrifice Father God gave for us who don't deserve it. Great pictures too, God bless.

    1. Thank you, Robbie. You are right, we don't deserve His sacrifice. I'm glad you liked the pictures, too.

  7. I really enjoy your stories, but I Have to be honest that I really LOVE your pictures. It's like a glimpse into your culture and I love to see the differences.

  8. thanks for sharing this story, awesome photos, have a great weekend!

  9. Lovely photos from the market. What is the ratio of clothing made in Ecuador and other Latin American countries to stuff imported from China/Asia?

    1. That is a hard question, Lydia. To tell you the truth I have no idea. But I'm guessing it's more imported all the time because it's so cheap.

  10. As usual, perfect photos to help tell the story! Nice job.