Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Who is God?

I believe in God who loved us so much, even before making us, that He was willing to do all the sacrifices that were necessary to be able to be with us.

God who loved us so much that made this world that exists around us and is perfect for human beings.

Everything in it is what we need.

It may not be perfect anymore because the evil has come and the death has arrived.

It is not as He planned it in the beginning because we damaged it.

But even so He wants to have us back and make everything perfect again!

I believe it in authority.

I cannot understand it myself.

I can maybe grasp something but not really understand.

And the only way to know about something and believe it is by authority.

Just like people's beliefs about cells and brain chemistry, or psychology and physics. 

Most of us haven't done any real studies about these subjects.

We haven't seen in reality how they works, under a microscope or made the calculus by ourselves. 
We believe them on authority because someone has written a book about them, or talks about it in the TV or there is an article about it.

The thing about believing on authority is making sure your sources are sound.

And I trust my sources.

It is an old book but it has stayed the same during all these years and there have been people reading, talking, preaching thinking, and believing the same things for all these years.

Some things may vary, because people vary.

Not everyone understands the same way.

But that does not change the source.

And it's the source's authority that I trust.

We only have two options, either we accept Jesus as the Son of God, God Himself.

Or He is a lunatic.

We cannot say that He's a good teacher or intelligent philosophic, because He claims to be God.

He claims to be Salvation.

He claims to be the Only Way.

That is His good teaching.

There really only are two options.

Accept Him as your God and ruler; accept that what He says is the Truth and the only way to peace, joy and everlasting life.

Or call Him a lunatic.

And mock Him for what He said, and His followers.

Because the other option is too big, too scary, too magnificent and impossible to be true.

God is good.

He is everything that is perfect, good and loving in this Universe.

Einstein said that "There is no darkness. It is just absence of light. Just like the evil is absence of God."

The great tragedy of the world is that we think we can do it without God.

We think we are smart enough, strong enough, good enough.

But we are only prideful enough to not see how much we need Him.

How the world cries in agony for Him around us!

The evil you see in the world, the suffering present every day, is absence of God.

It is there because we have chosen not to let Him here and He has chosen to respect that decision.

That is what He did.

He gave us a free will.

And we are using it.

You can see it all around by yourself.

Our free will.

Did you like the post?

Maybe you would like to more about know who God, Mighty Creator is? 

Or what the world was like In the beginning?

Would you like to know more about God, the Creator?

He is called God Allmighty.


  1. Beautiful post!

  2. very nice post, I love all the flowers, because I can't help but think of Him when I see the beauty of this world.

  3. Great post. I believe in God and know that He is everywhere. The feeling that comes when you physically and spiritually feel His presence is incredible. It didn't happen to me until a couple of years ago, but the best way I could describe it was 'extremely calming.'

    1. It is amazing to feel His presence, Yona. I'm glad you have been able to experience it.

  4. Beautiful flowers and love this post. It is true that the beauty of nature and everything that grows on this planet I believe has God's help and encouragement to help us all. Thank you for sharing this post.

  5. I love your post. Everything that is beautiful around us testifies of God's eternal love for us, and these flowers are a great example. :)

  6. Awesome post! Thank you for sharing your heart! God is indeed the only authority I completely rely on and trust. Humans even with our deepest desire to serve Him cannot fully comprehend Him. I trust my source as well!