Tuesday, May 20, 2014

God is more than we can ever understand

In every religion there is belief in a creating force, in energy that surrounds us.

All the religions also recognize that there are two kinds of forces, the good one and the evil one.

Christianity is the belief that the good force, the Creator of the universe, is a supreme being who has a personality and will.

He is all that is good and in Him there can be nothing evil.

He is love and He made us because He loves us.

When we seek Him, of course we see Him in a way that we can understand Him.

We are humans, so we imagine Him like a human.

But it is essential to understand that He is not a human, He is beyond our understanding and not limited by time or space.

We cannot understand His nature or His thoughts.

If we could, He would be too small, too powerless to be a true God.

All the people form an image of god in their minds.

It can be a supreme overlord, a flail to their enemies.

It can be the nature, a mountain or the wind.

It can be a kind old gentleman sitting on a cloud, or a muscular Jesus armed with a sword. 

In my opinion, all the images we create are wrong, because true God must be something completely beyond our understanding.

Of course when we look into ourselves and look for the message from God, for the meaning of what He wants and what our conscience says to us, we understand it all through ourselves.

It is only human but we need to always try to remember that God is more, much more than we can comprehend.

I think there is poetry in what Paul says in the Bible, that now we see like through looking glass.

The image that we have is not clear, it's distorted.

And when we put that image as the one and only True God, is when the trouble begins.

We start to put rules, make laws, exact obedience and lamentations. 

We cannot be completely right, we cannot know the Truth.

Only God can do that.

Only He is perfect.

He accepts our mistakes because He loves us and He forgives us that pride.

But that is what we need to repent, the pride.

The thinking that we can do without Him, that we know everything, that we are right.

God does not seek lamenting, shouting and screaming, and public postulating and adoration.

He looks for the heart's attitude and our actions.

Of going out and helping people, of loving the neighbor, of giving what you don't need to others and keeping only what you truly need. 

But actions alone are also empty.

We are not to do good to get to Heaven as a prize when we die.

The doing good is the consequence of loving God and having His love in us.

Of having God in us.

According to Christianity, evil is the absence of God.

Einstein said it well, there is no darkness, darkness is only absence of light.

Just like there is no evil because evil is only absence of good.

God did not create evil, evil is what happens where God is not accepted and people turn away from Him.

The rest is belief.

Either you believe that people were created by God and thus have a piece of Him, the eternity that He put in you.

And that is why we are able to do good.

Or you don't believe it.

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  1. This is so well written I agree with you! One day a few of us will see the grandness of who He is.

  2. Gorgeous pictures with your story today! Especially the picture of the sun shining, a very peaceful photo.

  3. You are a grand lady, Joanna, with a heart of a child!

    Isn't understanding our humanity more like the parable of the blind men trying to describe an elephant? It's not necessarily that the description of the trunk is wrong, but it is not the whole of the truth. We can grasp bits of the truth of God from our own perspective and what we grasp is true to us. In fact, we can't believe anything until we can come to the point where we can grasp the truth of it. We have an eternity to grasp it...