Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hope and Love of Christ

A girl child has not been the one hoped for in many countries and cultures.

A healthy boy has been many times more valuable during our history.

History tells how Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans threw away the unfit children.

There are many findings of newborn skeletons in the sewer systems of the Great Antique Civilizations.

Both Plato and Aristotle argued that parents should not let disabled and unwanted children to live.

Such children should be left to die at birth or later on in life.

A Roman husband had the choice to leave his child to die during the first days of the infant’s life.
It is a new way of thinking to give value to just any human life.

To value human life, simply because it exists.

It is one of the characteristics of Christian way of thinking and the teachings of the Christ.

During His years here on the earth Jesus exalted the value of children to unknown heights.

According to Paul there is no difference between men and women, Jews or Gentiles, or slaves or free men in Christ.

Unique value

The unique value of each and every person has been the motivation thriving the Christian work throughout the centuries.

The Christians know and acknowledge the Golden Rule, to do to others what we want to be done to us.

The world around us is suffering; there is poverty, hunger, violence, wars, and loneliness in abundance.

Our calling as Christians is to help all the people.
To defend the unique value of each and every person and the righteousness in our society and neighborhood.

We cannot change the world and help everyone.

But it is good to remember that great rivers are born from little creeks.

We can make a difference where we are, right now.

Our church can bring hope in Christ and His love to people around us.

I can bring His courage to the people next to me.

Peace in God gives the foundation that everyone needs.


  1. In His eyes we are all His children. Imagine having Him view us (His children) as unneeded or unwanted and dealing with us as some parents now do and dismiss us to the grave or to the alley slums with nothing but their clothing with no hope. One can see how Godly a nation is by viewing how they treat their children and elderly.
    Good post! Thanks.

    1. That is very true! And not just children and elderly but everyone. The people that aren't popular, that are against the general view of cool, those that are different, and even those that oppose us. After all, we were called to love our enemies. That is the measure of a Godly nation.

  2. God the Father wanted each of us and loved us into existence! We are worth caring about because He does!

  3. Thanks so much for linking up! Loved your post and your pictures are beautiful! Your message is so important- there are no throwaway people and we must value everyone simply because God does and made everyone in His image :) It breaks my heart seeing "the least of these" in my work as a foster parent and I wish I could fix it all, but really, only Jesus can do that. In the meantime, you are right that we need to do all we can.
    -S.L. Payne, uncommongrace.net

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the post! It is heartbreaking to see the suffering around us. But we have the sureness that God can change the situation and make the difference. And we can even be part of that change and sometimes make a diffirence in someone's life.

  4. Kids have such a pure and true belief. If we all could remain like that with our faith, it would be easy to keep up with the Golden Rule. :)

  5. Yes for wonderful gift of love of God with us by Christ and our time with to pray and worship the Lord in faith and hope and in wisdom in with the Power of the Holy Spirit with us in Jesus name ,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden