Sunday, July 6, 2014

Organize your life to make sure you won't burn out - Part 4

This is the fourth part in the series to Organize your life to make sure you won't burn out

3. Map out your stress load

When organizing your calendar use color coding.

Red for things with a hard stress load.

Yellow for things with that cause a normal amount of stress.

And Green for recovery like a day off, positive activities and holidays.


Yellow things are activities or tasks that cause just enough stress that you need a normal evening or weekend rest to recover from them.


Red things are activities or tasks that have a bigger stress load and require a lot of green around them for you to recover.

The idea is also that your calendar should not be too red.

The most of the activities should be yellow when you plan.

Make sure to add Green

How stressful something is depends on you and your personal experiences and preferences.

You need to decide what causes you the most stress and what helps you to recover.

Things that are yellow for others might be red for you, or something that is mostly green, like a vacation trip, can also cause even red stress.

This is the fourth part in series about Organizing your life to make sure you won't burn out

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  1. Awesome idea! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Great ideas! We are definitely in need for these tips :) Thank you for sharing!

  3. Great plan! I definitely will try to incorporate this into my life! <3

  4. The colour concept really good :-)

  5. Love the idea of colour coding, and I adore the pictures mixed in to your posts!

  6. Great ideas! My sister swears by the color coding, will def put this in effect stat! Thanks!

  7. that's interesting! i'm pretty organized as far as planning. i've color coded other things.. but i don't think i've ever color coded stress level. i might try this out. :)

  8. I am incredibly unorganized! Thanks a ton for sharing!

  9. With several part time jobs outside the home I have color coded as to where I worked that day and when we did homeschool and what days were off. But not on a stress level way. Great idea!

  10. Thanks for sharing at the live life & love link party