Sunday, July 13, 2014

Organize your life to make sure you won't burn out - Part 5

This is the fifth part in the series to Organize your life to make sure you won't burn out

4. Take the responsability of your life in your own hands

Being in charge of the responsibility of your stress is the key to coping with the stress.

There are few times in life when someone presses you to take a vacation or rest.

It is important to be conscious and active while turning down your stress levels.

Work, studying, family, looking for work, relationships, even our hobbies demand our resources and use up our strength.

If these demands continually exceed our resources, it will cause fatigue and burning out.

A mature Christian does not leave the situation in someone else’s hands.

If the expectations continually exceed our strength and we are not met halfway in our needs to replenish our resources, it is both wise and responsible to pull back and maintain your own spiritual and physical health.

A wise way to control the pace enables us to continue in the race and crossing the finish line in things that really matter for the eternity.

Hopefully you have found this series usefull.

May God bless you every day and give you strenght that you need to continue your mission or step down if that is His plan for you. 

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  1. I really enjoy these photos when I visit. Great tips!

  2. I really needed this. I have been getting severe migraines, caused by what I think is stress from work and poor sleeping and eating habits. I am really trying to keep it calm and relaxed but it is tough to do so with such little free time to relax.

    1. Stress can cause us really bad things, Miranda. Hope you take care of yourself and let your body rest. And mind too. We need to give ourselves that permission to just be and enjoy!

  3. These tips are awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Amazing tips, great ideas. Thank you!

  5. You are right about the vacation and rest part. I have to tell myself to take a break. I hardly allow it and that is not ok.

    1. That is a problem for many people, I think. We feel that it's bad to allow yourself to take a break, even though we always advice others to rest enough. I think it's tremendously important to give yourself a permission to rest and not to worry. We need to be nice to ourselves too!

  6. Love this - definitely hard to implement though!

  7. Taking responsibility for your actions and your life is so empowering!

  8. I really needed this right now! I am far too stressed. thank you!