Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Queen With The Frozen Heart 15

The prince opened his mouth to calm his men.

- Do not fear, he tried to say.

But instead of a human voice, only a great predator’s screech could be heard.

He rose his head to the moon and roared, and the earth shattered with his rage.

Iluku shook his wings and rose to the sky with the terrified warriors.

The snakes hanging from the trees, threw themselves to the ground and slithered towards Amarun.
They came from every direction and climbed on him like he was a huge tree.

Finally every one of them was on him, the last ones hanging from his talons.

He shook his wings and uncertainly he rose to the sky.

In the distance, Iluku’s white wings shone with the moon’s light.

The huge owl was flying towards a black mountaintop that rose above the jungle.

Amarun flew through the night, and threw the sky.

He was like the vengeance on wings, tearing down the clouds and the stars with his power.
- There are strange lights on the sky, the people of the land spoke, what do they mean?

- We must ask the queen, others answered, she will know what they are.

In the castle, the queen was raised from her sleep and taken to the roof.

But no one could say what the colorful lights undulating on the night sky meant.

Not even her.

The prince flew and with every movement of his wings he learned to control them better.
He could see Iluku, far far away, too far to reach, too far to touch.

And he flew, only thought in his mind, to reach the owl, to catch it, to win it.

To what, he asked himself.

To devour it, his new nature answered, to devour the owl and everyone it is carrying.

To strangle them with our body and to tear their flesh with our talons.

To sink our beak into their blood and drink it to our refreshment.
- Fly, he roared.

- Fly, his new nature screeched.

The terrifying voice filled the skies scaring the people below them.

Shaking from fear they huddled in their huts.

- You must flee, the guards shouted to the queen.

- It is the beast, they screamed, the feathered snake has returned and it will kill us all!

To be continued...

This is the fifteenth part of the story.

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